Hikvision Temperature Screening Solution

Hikvision Temperature Screening Solution, with multiple product types and wide range of applications, is designed for the detection of skin surface temperatures so as to achieve rapid and safe preliminary screening in public areas with high efficiency in a multitude of scenarios.


– Solutions Overview –

Solution 1: Temperature screening with fast deployment

Solution 2: Temperature screening with access control

Touch-free, access is easier and safer.
Long-term temperature screening with access control for building-related projects.

Solution 3: Group temperature screening

Group screening with high efficiency.
Supports simultaneous temperature screening of multiple people, avoiding the inefficiencies brought about by the bottleneck that often creates delays and higher production costs.

Solution 4: Temperature screening on patrol

Anytime, anywhere, just one click.
Supports preliminary on-the-spot temperature screening without touching the person.

Solution 5: Temperature screening & mask detection

Intuitive demonstration.
The special interface of the DeepinMind NVR visually displaying temperature and mask status of each screened individual

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