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Wired/Wireless Alarm System
A good time to install a Wired Burglar Alarm System is when you are renovating your house.
A Wired Burglar Alarm System comprises a Main Control Panel and a host of sensors and devices that are connected to the Main Control Panel by wires.  These wires are typically concealed in the walls and ceiling.  The wires are not exposed both for security and aesthetic reasons.

This does not mean that a Wired Burglar Alarm System cannot be installed if there is no renovation.  Our experienced team can still install the system and will do their best to conceal the wiring as much as practical and possible.Typical sensors and devices installed includes:


  • Door Contacts – Installed on doors to detect opening and closing of doors
  • Window Contacts – Installed on windows to detect opening and closing of windows
  • Panic Button – Installed in bedrooms and passage ways
  • Motion Sensors – Installed strategically to detect movement
  • Smoke/heat detectors – Installed in passage ways to detect fire
  • Glass Break Sensors – Installed on ceiling facing windows and sliding doors
  • Keypads – Installed strategically for arming/disarming by users
  • Siren – Install outside the house to alert neighbours to a alarm activation


Wireless Burglar Alarm System are ideal for installations where the renovation is completed and the owners do not wish to see any extensive cabling works.

A Wireless Burglar Alarm System comprises a Wireless Main Control Panel that communicates and monitors a host of wireless sensors and devices.  The Main Control Panel must be physically connected to a power outlet and a telephone line.

All Wireless sensors and devices are powered by batteries that should last at least a year.  When the device battery is weak, it will transmit the status to the Main Control Panel.  The Main Control Panel are equipped with LCD display and voice annunciation to notify you.  Changing the battery is simple and can be done with a screw driver.

The Wireless sensors and devices installed includes:

  • Wireless Door
  • Window Contacts
  • Wireless Panic Buttons
  • Wireless Motion Sensors
  • Wireless Smoke Detectors
  • Wireless Remote Keyfob
  • Wireless keypads
  • Wireless Siren







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