HP Sprocket – Pocket Photo Printer!

Instant prints

Easily loads into your HP Sprocket Photo Printer for 2 x 3” photos virtually anytime, anywhere.

Printable stickers

The peel-and-stick backing turns your favorite photos into fun stickers.

Bright colors, durable prints

Print colorful, smudge-proof, water-resistant, and tear-resistant photos.


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Handheld thermometric thermal camera

Handheld thermometric thermal camera, specially designed for temperature measurement in substation. It equipped with a 384*288 infrared detector and a 3840*2160 visible light detector. The 3.6 inch touch screen can display double light fusion of visible light and thermal. It helps the field personnel to quickly troubleshoot the fault according to accurate temperature measurement of high temperature targets in the environment. Meanwhile it provides assistant decision and ensure safety.

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